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Stardock Fences 2.10 + Crack only by Torrenters

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Installation :

NOTE: You may need to turn off your AV protection to use patch.
1. Run the Fences 2.10 installer until finish.
2. Do not run the software. If the Fences registration windows appear, close it by using your task manager.At Process tab-->Right Click on Fences-->End Task.
3. Open patch folder. Copy patch to Fences installation folder(Normally in C:\Program Files\Stardock\Fences)
4. Run patch as Adminstrator. Use/Select Fences v2.01 on the list. Only click the patch button. Exit patch.
5. Restart Pc.
5. Done, Run the software...

Password for Patch.rar :

What is Fences?
Fences is a program that helps you organize your desktop. It can hide icons when they are not in use as well as make it easy to place icons into moveable groups called "fences".

What makes it so popular?
Fences is the world's most popular desktop enhancement for Windows®. What makes it so compelling is that what it does is so obviously useful and necessary that it is amazing that no one has thought of it before.


NEW! Use your desktop to organize all of your stuff
You can have pages of fences on your desktop. To flip a page, just take your mouse cursor to the edge of your screen and click and drag. Then a new page of fences can be displayed. This feature makes it easy to use your desktop to organize all of your programs, documents, websites and more.

Keep your desktop clean
Double-click any blank space on your desktop and your icons will fade out. Double-click again and they will return. You can even pick icons and individual fences to exclude.

Rope off your desktop
Fences allows you to create shaded areas on your desktop that you can place icons into called fences. You can label them however you wish and move or resize them anywhere on the desktop.


Automatically arrange your desktop
Define rules for how your icons are arranged. When a new icon gets added, from an installer for instance, it can automatically be added to a particular fence.

NEW! Make your desktop a portal to your files
Fences can be made to act as a portal to a particular folder. For example, your documents or pictures folders can be mirrored onto your desktop as fences making them easy to access without cluttering up your desktop.

System Requirements

Windows 8/7/Vista/XP (XP 32-bit only)
Folder portals and pages require Win7 or newer - Web Technology Fundamentals - [TORRENTERS]




Name : - Web Technology Fundamentals - [TORRENTERS]

Author : James Williamson
Subject : Web, Web Foundations
Level : Beginner
Duration : 2h 4m
Released : Dec 17, 2013
Size : 299 MB

Tutsplus - The WordPress Theme Customizer ~ [Torrenters]



Name : The WordPress Theme Customizer ~ [Torrenters]

Author : Tom McFarlin
Subject : Web Design
Software : Wordpress
Duration : 1.5 hours
Lessons : 12
Released : March 17, 2014
Size: 926 MB

Tutsplus - PSD to HTML - Flat Design Build ~ [Torrenters]



Name : Tutsplus - PSD to HTML - Flat Design Build ~ [Torrenters]

Author : Craig Campbell
Subject : Web Design
Software : Photoshop, Html
Duration : 3.1 hours
Lessons : 22
Released : January 27, 2014
Size: 1.78 GB

Official Site : PSD to HTML - Flat Design Build with Craig Campbell

In this course, we'll take the PSD design from the "Mastering Flat Design" course Craig did a while back, and convert it into a fully functional HTML/CSS web page.




TutsPlus - Photoshop CS6 for Web Designers [Torrenters]



Name : Photoshop CS6 for Web Designers [Torrenters]

Author : Craig Campbell
Subject : Web Design
Software : Photoshop
Duration : 3h 59m 40s
Released : May 31, 2013
Size: 2.91 GB

Official Site : Photoshop CS6 for Web Designers with Craig Campbell

Craig Campbell has the inside track on the cool new features that Photoshop CS6 has for your web design workflow, and he’ll show you all of these secrets while designing a website.



DOWNLOAD LINK - Creating Secure PHP Websites - [Torrenters]


Name : - Creating Secure PHP Websites - [Torrenters]

Author : Kevin Skoglund
Subjects : Developer, Programming Languages
Software : PHP
Duration : 4h 16m
Lessons : 22
Released : Jun 30, 2014
Size: 539 MB

Hackers target PHP web applications more often than other sites because most PHP code is written by developers with little security experience. Protecting web applications from these attacks has become an essential skill for all PHP developers. Creating Secure PHP Websites shows you how to meet the most important security challenges when developing websites with PHP. Instructor Kevin Skoglund covers the techniques and PHP code needed to develop sites that are more secure, and to avoid common mistakes. Learn how to configure PHP properly and filter input and escape output. Then check out step-by-step defenses against the most common forms of attack, and the best practices to use for encryption and user authentication.

Topics include:

Cross-site scripting (XSS)
Cross-site request forgery (CSRF)
SQL injection
Encrypting and signing cookies
Session hijacking and fixation
Securing uploaded files
User authentication
Throttling brute-force attacks
Blacklisting IPs
Implementing password reset tokens



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